Everyday Yoga

Yoga for Restoration
and Relaxation

Everyday Yoga classes are designed to bring you into a state of deep restoration and relaxation by keeping it light and keeping it easy.  Learn how to go deeper in your yoga practice by consciously relaxing and softly letting go. More time is spent on foundational yoga poses, and poses are held for a longer time to give you the space to gently go deeper. Perfect for beginner yoga practitioners.


€15 per Studio Class
€140 for Ten Studio Classes

Each Everyday Yoga class focuses on bringing deep attention and awareness into your  practice. Learn to embrace challenge as an opportunity to explore and discover what you are capable of. All levels are welcome. Classes are modified according to the students present in the class and go for 1.5 hours (90mins). Classes are taught in two studio locations: St. Anton am Arlberg and Zams (Tirol West, Austria).

Marissa Land practicing Everyday Yoga in the outdoors
Marissa Land practicing Everyday Yoga in the outdoors

What are the Benefits for You?


Learn to deepen your practice by consciously relaxing and letting go


Learn the importance of foundational yoga poses in developing your practice


Receive suggestions, corrections and adjustments to your practice from your certified yoga teacher

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