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The Climbing-Yoga Synergy

Marissa Land performing Yoga movements in the woods

I used to think that my two passions in life: Yoga and Climbing, were very distinct from each other. Climbing is Climbing and Yoga is Yoga. And I treated them as such. My Yoga practice was for improving Yoga, and my Climbing training was for improving Climbing. Full stop.

Never did I think that my Yoga practice was influencing my Climbing and vice versa (apart through flexibility and strength).

That was until about 5 years ago, when I had a very clear realisation. I was sitting at my desk completing an essay on Yoga philosophy when my thoughts drifted to climbing training that afternoon. How was I going to balance the time I needed to improve my Yoga as well my Climbing? This question lead to a realisation that changed my life:

The Synergy between Climbing and Yoga runs far deeper than just flexbility and strength. Climbing is Yoga and Yoga is Climbing.

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Yes, climbing is obviously about specific movement on rock/plastic and yoga asana practice is about moving through different body positions on your yoga mat. But, when you get past the physicality of these actions and come back to the true meaning of Yoga, the synergy between Climbing and Yoga becomes clear.

Yoga is about bringing every bit of your attention into your practice. When we practice Yoga we are constantly observing how our thoughts, emotions, body, breath, energy, are relating to each other and how this is influencing what we’re experiencing in that moment. Deepening our awareness takes us ‘inwards’ and strengthens the connection we have with ourselves.

Climbing also requires a great deal of attention. To not pay attention to yourself while you’re climbing could have serious consequences. Advancing your climbing requires developing your awareness of movement, body positioning and alignment, thoughts, breath, etc (sound familiar?). This too takes your attention inwards and allows you to connect with yourself.

The Synergy between Climbing & Yoga comes through developing the skill of awareness.

So when we work at improving one, we are ultimately improving the other! And at a level far deeper than strength and flexibility.


Marissa Land performing Yoga movements in the woods
Marissa Land resting after some Yoga practice

The Story


Marissa Land using Power Yoga to help with Rock Climbing

Since this realisation, it’s been my mission to explore the many ways that Yoga is improving my Climbing performance. And now I want to share what I know.

I believe in the power of Yoga and I believe that the deep skills we learn in our asana practice are transferable to every aspect of our lives, including Climbing.

If you’re a climber and want to learn how Yoga can enhance your Climbing performace, then I invite you into this space.

Welcome! Thanks for joining me. 

Marissa Land Completing Yoga on the Beach

The Story


Have you ever learnt something so profound, so mind blowing, so life changing that you just had to share it with as many people as possible? This is why I became a yoga teacher.

After personally experiencing the benefits of yoga in my life, I decided I wanted to be part of something greater and share what I have learnt through yoga. I teach yoga because I believe in it. I want as many people as possible to discover the transformative power of yoga and explore what they are capable of through their yoga practice.

Marissa Land using Power Yoga to help with Rock Climbing

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Marissa Land is a gem. Her strength compliments her grace; she’s just poetry in motion! There hasn’t been a class I haven’t enjoyed and I ALWAYS look forward to her guiding and her coaxing. Our minds become hers to mold into motivated and steady students and there is an overall synergy that makes her classes enjoyable. I can’t really say enough about Marissa, not only am I proud of her as a friend but as a colleague I am equally proud to say that her dedication to her craft makes her world class!

Annalise Falch

I joined the yoga for power classes to help with my climbing in August and i already feel much better since i started yoga. Marissa is THE perfect yoga teacher. The classes felt awesome from the beginning, since Marissa helps everyone in class to reach her / his personal limit. The classes for climbers strengthened my whole spine, shoulders and my body tension. I have a much better awareness now of my movements and I am also able to calm myself down while climbing tricky routes. In every class she showed us new Asanas and new Movements, one of my favourites was the Partner Yoga > really Cool! I am an absolute fan of Marissa's classes and I can’t wait to start again in Winter.

Julia Ladner

I live a very active lifestyle in the wilds of nature, exposing my body and mind to different experiences. The yoga sessions with Marissa allow me to push my adventures to a new level. Freeing up my mind and body, letting go of the negatives and pushing the positives forwards, Not only is my body regenerating faster, but my mind is able to cope with more physically and mentally taxing situations. I would recommend everyone take the time to start listening to your body.  Many many thanks Marissa!

Toby Saxton

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